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GB-1185224-A: A method of operating a linen washing machine patent, GB-1186010-A: Improvements in or relating to Electromagnetic Switching Devices patent, GB-1186791-A: Change-Speed Gear Mechanisms patent, GB-1186884-A: Manufacture of Pyridine and Alkyl Pyridines patent, GB-1187957-A: Treatment of Polymers. patent, GB-1189424-A: Fluid Synchronizing System for Rotating Devices patent, GB-1189500-A: Preparation of Cellular Foamed Products from Polymers of Propylene patent, GB-1191236-A: Improvements in and relating to rotary fluid-conducting unions patent, GB-1191658-A: Novel Phosphonates patent, GB-1192127-A: New Benzhydryl Ethers and process for their preparation patent, GB-1192231-A: Improved Fibrous Sheet Manufacturing Method and Apparatus. patent, GB-1192276-A: Method of Forming Workpieces. patent, GB-1192498-A: Improvements in or relating to Needle Punching Machines for Manufacturing Endless Webs patent, GB-1192873-A: Apparatus for Moulding Paste into a Case of a Tart or the like patent, GB-1193217-A: A Fuel Jet Spray Nozzle for a Carburetor. patent, GB-1195424-A: Electric Switches patent, GB-119556-A: Improvements in and relating to Films for Cinematographs and the like. patent, GB-1195854-A: Oxazole Derivatives and process of producing the same patent, GB-1195866-A: A Method of and Apparatus for Pressurising a Liquid System such as a Hot Water Heating System. patent, GB-1196253-A: Electrochemically Controlled Light Reflection patent, GB-1197789-A: Braking Systems for Vehicles. patent, GB-1198404-A: Piston Rod Eye Assembly for Hydraulic Piston and Cylinder Unit patent, GB-1198843-A: Coloration Process patent, GB-1199175-A: Engine Drive System patent, GB-1199690-A: Tool for Mounting a Clip for Electric Cables or the like on a Support and a Clip for Co-operating with such tool patent, GB-1199728-A: Collapsible Crate or like Container patent, GB-1200339-A: Improvements in or relating to anthraquinone dyestuffs patent, GB-1200885-A: Visual instructionald aid patent, GB-1202066-A: Process for partial oxidation of gaseous or liquid hydrocarbons patent, GB-1202430-A: Improvements in or relating to air pumps patent, GB-1202974-A: Bucket-elevator patent, GB-1203965-A: Cooking apparatus patent, GB-1204194-A: Pilot-bit with replaceable teeth patent, GB-1204295-A: Fluid flow measuring apparatus patent, GB-120483-A: Improvements in or relating to Telephone Systems. patent, GB-1205136-A: Improvements in or relating to fire extinguishers patent, GB-1205659-A: Luminescent materials patent, GB-1205734-A: Dispenser for rolls of flexible sheet material having structurally rigid internal supporting means patent, GB-1205901-A: Arc extinction device comprising arc dividing conductive members patent, GB-1206150-A: Improvements in or relating to motor vehicle crash bars patent, GB-1206406-A: Improvements in or relating to centrifugal fans patent, GB-1207597-A: Method of and apparatus for generating an electrical voltage corresponding to a contour profile curve of a surface to be tested for coarseness patent, GB-1208935-A: Polymerisation of epoxy compounds patent, GB-1210121-A: A device for raising the seat of a closet patent, GB-1210395-A: Motor vehicle braking apparatus patent, GB-1210467-A: Doll patent, GB-1210897-A: Apparatus for promoting dissolving of gas in liquid patent, GB-1211019-A: Improvements in or relating to compartmental containers patent, GB-1211138-A: Connecting unit for the completion equipment of a producing underwater oil well patent, GB-121168-A: Improvements in or relating to Starting-mechanism for Magnetos of Internal-combustion Engines. patent, GB-1212662-A: Double path linear motion potentiometer patent, GB-1212684-A: Improvements in or relating to electrical connectors patent, GB-121317-A: Improvements in Refrigerators. patent, GB-1213644-A: Improvements in or relating to heat exchangers patent, GB-1215350-A: Apparatus for the rolling of continuous metal workpieces patent, GB-121675-A: Improvements in Tobacco Pipes. patent, GB-1217307-A: Electrical connection means patent, GB-121764-A: Improvements in High Pressure Gas Systems for Motor Road Vehicles. patent, GB-1217827-A: Apparatus for enabling under water working patent, GB-1218551-A: Obturating device for a wing-receiving opening in the fuselage of a variable wing aircraft patent, GB-1219234-A: A vehicle door lock patent, GB-1219599-A: Process for the preparation of carbonyl derivatives and carboxylic acids patent, GB-1220328-A: Improvements in or relating to radar receivers of the successive detections type patent, GB-122073-A: Carburettor for Internal Combustion Engines. patent, GB-1220861-A: Improvements in or relating to polarised reed relays patent, GB-1222564-A: Improvements in and relating to oxetanes patent, GB-1222826-A: Improvements in washing and the like machines patent, GB-1223768-A: Method of attenuating viruses patent, GB-1224000-A: Improvements in or relating to knitting machines patent, GB-1224007-A: Improvements in activated carbon electrodes and their manufacture patent, GB-1224545-A: Photographic camera patent, GB-1224644-A: Improvements in or relating to corpuscular beam apparatus patent, GB-1225019-A: Sulphonic acid esters patent, GB-1225128-A: patent, GB-1225185-A: patent, GB-1225722-A: patent, GB-1226285-A: patent, GB-1227198-A: patent, GB-1227249-A: patent, GB-1227346-A: patent, GB-1227724-A: patent, GB-122836-A: Improvements in Pneumatic Conveying Apparatus. patent, GB-1228453-A: patent, GB-1229015-A: patent, GB-1229891-A: patent, GB-1230356-A: patent, GB-123042-A: Improvements in Spring Hooks and in the Manufacture thereof. patent, GB-123063-A: Improvements in Roller Mills. patent, GB-1230826-A: patent, GB-1230901-A: patent, GB-1231203-A: patent, GB-1231371-A: patent, GB-1232193-A: patent, GB-1232705-A: patent, GB-123442-A: Improvements in Two Cycle Internal Combustion Oil Engines. patent, GB-1234518-A: patent, GB-1235091-A: Process and apparatus for measuring in a continuous manner the oxygen in a molten metal patent, CN-203648978-U: Kitchen waste treatment system patent, GB-1236403-A: Improvements relating to a semiconductor resistor patent, GB-1236424-A: Photochromic projection system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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